True style, elevated.

Dress with meaning. Feel more attractive. Grow in Confidence.

Your clothes speak.
Speak truth.

A True Original

Each one of us has an original thumb print, unlike any other in the world with a one in 64 billion chance for it to be duplicated. This uniqueness doesn’t just stop at our thumbs. We are truly one of a kind on all levels. What we wear can either express or sabotage that truth! When you align your inner uniqueness with your outer fashion, you will be happier, more confident, more attractive, more YOU!

Look and Feel like you. Everyday.

Sarah Speaks Style is the creator of Sarah’s 7 Style, a two step strategic system for personal style accuracy! that will make getting dressed something you actually look forward to, your closet a place of exciting possibilities and shopping decisions a breeze! The system takes out all of the guesswork, making personal style straightforward and simple!

How it Works

Style Know How

Step I

The eSSences are selections of which types of clothes to wear
The HUEs reveal which dominant, secondary, and accent colors to wear

Step II

An in-depth tutorial series for profile execution and style know‑how. Available on Instagram and YouTube.

True Style

An external embrace of the inner you

The result will be polished and distinctive ensembles that are a harmonious reflection of the inner you through your outer self!

Style becomes a feather in your hat, a powerful tool to foster appreciation and trust from others and a boost to go for what you want in life!

Vibrant Wears Well

Style subscription boxes are a “quick fix” to hide and not be seen.



No More Headaches or Stress Around Clothing

Contrary to your experience, personal style isn’t difficult to identify. It’s not some hidden mystery that is based on some vague and abstract psychological perceptions, nor is it emotions and whims that fluctuate from day to day. It follows very specific principles based on defining physical characteristics. Don’t continue to spin in the vicious cycle of confusion and frustration. Hop on the fast track to spot-on success: it’s called Sarah’s 7 Style!

We all know that what we put in our bodies affects our well being. So does what we put on our bodies ! So let’s maximize and capitalize your clothing choices!

Speak your essence. Unlock your power.

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