Your clothes speak.
Speak truth.

So Many Clothes with
Nothing to WearSM

Are you fed up with staring at clothes you hate, collecting dust with tags still attached? Do you no longer buy into the idea that “new” and “more” is the answer? Is your desire to feel good in what you wear and recognize yourself in the mirror attainable?

Look and Feel like you.



I’ve created the Speak Your Essence Styling SystemSM to help you accurately identify, refine, and express your individual personal style.

It all starts by determining an individual’s Unveil Your Essence ProfileSM, which is a unique blend of specific styling essences in a precise ratio… The Boundless EssenceTM, The Captivating EssenceTM, The Noble EssenceTM, The Sublime EssenceTM, The Eternal EssenceTM, The Innate EssenceTM, and The Pure EssenceTM.

 We are multi-dimensional beings that have been trained and programmed to dress one-dimensionally.  Choose boho OR classic OR femme fatale. But what if you’re made up of all three?  To deny and suppress the expression of one of these layers leaves you looking and feeling incomplete.

Knowing your distinctive profile will make it easy to align your outer appearance with the inner you, so you can dress more confidently and attractively.


Meet Style Bliss:SM

No More Headache or Stress Around Clothing!

Look and Feel Like You

Feel the joy of recognizing yourself in the mirror and knowing everyone is seeing you for who you are.

Know What to Wear

Transform your closet into one of your favorite places because of all of the exciting possibilities it offers.

Know How to Shop

Find joy in the shopping process rather than the typical stress on your emotions and bank account.

How It Works

Unveil Your EssenceSM

Identify your essence and the        correlating style possibilities to        ignite self‑awareness.

Explore Your EssenceSM

Refine the possibilities through clothing sampling to foster self‑acceptance.

SPEAK Your EssenceSM

Express style alignment with crystal clear clarity for the one of a kind you to speak self‑love.

Kristen Loves Her Changes

“I just have to say that I am wearing an outfit that I absolutely love! I feel comfortable, I feel like myself, and I owe so much of it to you! What I wear has always affected the way I feel about myself. And I’m really starting to feel myself transition into my own expression through my wardrobe. I can’t thank you enough! I will cheer you on forever! The work you’re doing is so important.”

What Makes My Approach Different?

Myth Debunked: There is no separation between inner and outer beauty. Who you are on the inside is accurately reflected in your physical features.  For example, the shape of your eyes give me information to who you are. I use those physical characteristics to determine your style—your essence. No guesswork, no random opinions; just strategic recommendations based on you. All it takes is for you to submit photos for me to analyze and then answer a short quiz.
Simple and easy for astounding accuracy!!

Speak Your EssenceSM Style Packages

Unveil Your EssenceSM

Receive the Unveil Your Essence ProfileSM, your go‑to map in knowing what to try on, buy, and wear.


Explore Your EssenceSM

• Unveil Your Essence ProfileSM 
• 60-min Explore Your Essence Sample SessionSM with Sarah to gain understanding of how your profile works.


Speak Your EssenceSM

• Unveil Your Essence ProfileSM 
• Explore Your Essence Sample SessionSM
• Guided PurchaseSM of 2 complete Speak Your Essence EnsemblesSM


Take the quick and free
Glimpse Your Essence quizSM!

A fun exercise to catch a glimpse of who you are!

$59 value!

 What is your essence composition?  Are you Noble? Do you embody the Pure Essence?  Possibly Captivating?  Maybe all three!

Find out now by taking this first step to the Unveil Your Essence Profile!