I’m so thrilled you’re taking the first step to revealing your essence profile and finding the style that speaks YOU!

There are a few things to know as you’re taking the quiz:

  1. You’ll select both a first choice and a second choice for each question.
  2. Take your time so you can engage in some true self-reflection.
  3. Feel free to ask loved ones who unconditionally love you for their opinion.
  4. Your results will reveal what is MOST LIKELY your strongest essence.

If you’re asking someone else for their opinion, be sure it’s not someone who is judgemental or critical of you. You’ll also want to choose someone who isn’t focused on seeing you a specific way.

As this is a SELF assessment quiz, it can also be easy to skew your results with views of yourself that are distorted by the opinions of others or the programming we’ve all been exposed to over the course of our lives. Though we may want to perceive ourselves a certain way because we were taught it was the right way, it may be, frankly, inaccurate. To identify your true essence, you must move past these blocks and limitations.

The self assessment nature of this quiz means that your results will likely pinpoint your strongest essence. For the most accurate and complete essence profile, consider my Unveil Your Essence package.

I look forward to reviewing your results to catch a glimpse of who you are!