Warm. Authentic. Outdoorsy.

Based off of your answers to the quiz, the Innate EssenceTM is likely a part of your Unveil Your Essence ProfileSM.

The Innate Essence are the great lovers of the outdoors. They always want to be hiking, skiing, biking, running… any excuse to be engaging with the earth! Fabrics to accommodate these activities comfortably is first priority. Plaid and checked shirts of a coarse and more rugged material are selected to handle the wear and tear of their adventures. Their obsession with nature is reflected in the choice of indigenous materials: rayon, linen, flax, wool, cotton, and leather.

It’s all about being function, comfort and being practical. Wearing anything formal is complete torture; they feel much more at home in casual wear.

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Align your outer appearance with the inner you to bring meaning and fulfillment to what you wear!