Express your best.

Increase self-esteem. Attract opportunities. Improve relationships.
Increase self-esteem.
Attract opportunities.
Improve relationships.

Speak for yourself.

we aren’t flat , one-dimensional cartoon characters

Successful style reflects the kaleidoscope nature of a person, revealing all of their characteristics, not just one.  
Contrary to the current styling protocols, all of “you” can be revealed and appreciated at the same time! 

Knowing your distinctive Sarah’s 7 PROFILE will make it easy to align your outer appearance with the complexity and intricacy of the inner you.

Step I

Personal Style Blueprint

The Sarah’s 7 PROFILE is a 2-part custom map identifying:  

1. The eSSences reveal the types of clothing that best speak you.  

2. The hueS reveal the primary, secondary and accent colors that are most flattering for your specific complexion.

This PROFILE is your map, holding the defining specifics to your one-of-a-kind style; taking style from vague ambiguity to a personalized formula that generates clockwork success and fulfillment every time you get dressed!  

Physical characteristics (i.e. shape of eyes, nose, bone structure, height, etc.) are analyzed via photos and a video to determine your Sarah’s 7 PROFILE. These features give accurate information around who you are; correlating and mirroring the inner you with profound accuracy.  

Once we learn who you are we’ll know what you should wear!  Based on your Sarah’s 7 PROFILE results, you will receive a list of correlating styles and clothing feature specifics that best suit you.  This selection automatically narrows down the overwhelming amount of clothing options, instantly weeding out what doesn’t work for you so you’re not wasting your time looking at or trying on clothes that sabotage or hide who you are.   

 The Sarah’s 7 PROFILE is the tool to extend who you are into your outer image, completing “you” in your appearance in a very effective, efficient and fulfilling manner.


Step II

Personal Style Tutorials

When something works, there’s a reason it works, and when it doesn’t, a reason again! Both scenarios hold value in gaining insights and knowledge on how to achieve style success!

Success is not just random luck or dependent on having “the eye” but is instead specific principles at play.

Learn to see how Sarah sees as she offers all-out exposure; no holding back or stingy breadcrumbs, in her Sarah’s 7 EXPLORE tutorial series: Sarah’s Studio, Sarah’s Spotlight, Sarah’s Selfie and Sarah’s Sense. Her discerning and sensitive eye will be a powerful tool on your journey to style transformation.  No one else is disclosing the “why” and “how” of style; only Sarah!

Clothes don’t define. They speak.

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