Idealistic. Gentle. Youthful.

Based off of your answers to the quiz, the Pure EssenceTM is likely a part of your Unveil Your Essence ProfileSM.

The Pure Essence expresses all that is youthful. Their infatuation with tiny things parallels their small physical attributes and hence the expression of dainty and delicate details. They are naturally very believing and optimistic; the sun will come out tomorrow. There is a freshness and openness to the way they reflect their essence, a childlike softness with puffed sleeves and rounded collars.

They can easily become overpowered hence their need to be careful in their fashion choices. There is an element of androgyny in children so unfitted items such as shift and trapeze dresses and tops work well for this essence. Items that don’t bring attention to the shape of their body and their identifying gender.

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