true style, elevated.

Promotable vs Passable. Vibrant vs Hidden. Valued vs Forgotten.
Promotable vs Passable.
Vibrant vs Hidden.
Valued vs Forgotten.

Speak louder than words.

I love cultivating expressions of self-appreciatioN

there is joy in getting people excited about who they are and then how they look and feel

the fashion industry has failed us

The fashion industry, on the other hand, finds satisfaction in pitting us against ourselves by pigeonholing us into a generic box that accommodates their multi-billion dollar agenda. Some of us may have reached a level of apathy, of giving up, of throwing our hands in the air, trying to convince ourselves that fashion doesn’t matter; that what we wear doesn’t make a difference in how we feel and carry ourselves.

We’re here right now because it does matter.

Sarah’s 7 Style satisfies!

Contrary to our disappointing experience, it IS possible to bring authenticity and sophistication together into what we wear at the very same time! Dressing authentically isn’t selling out on sophistication and dressing polished doesn’t have to mean we’re being fake. We don’t have to pick one or the other! We can have the satisfaction of looking and feeling like “you” in a way that pops, puts a twinkle in our eye, and brings a pep to our step because we just know we’ve got it going on!

Sarah’s 7 STYLE takes us there!


Style Know-How

Step I

Your true-Style Blueprint


 A custom 2-part map identifying:

 1. The eSSences reveal the types and combinations of clothing that best speak you.

2. The HUES reveal the Dominant, Secondary, and Accent colors that are most flattering for your specific complexion.


Step II

true-Style Tutorial series


An in-depth video series featuring Sarah's Studio, Sarah's Spotlight, Sarah's Selfie and Sarah's Sense that serves as a guide for profile execution and reveals the "how" and "why" of style .  

Available on Instagram and YouTube.




Sarah’s 7 Style reviews

“I just have to say that I am wearing an outfit that I absolutely love! I feel comfortable, I feel like myself, and I owe so much of it to you! What I wear has always affected the way I feel about myself. And I’m really starting to feel myself transition into my own expression through my wardrobe. I can’t thank you enough! I will cheer you on forever! The work you’re doing is so important.”

Vibrant Wears Well

Style subscription boxes are a “quick fix” to hide and not be seen.



Stop empty fashion. Cease mindless style.

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