I’m on a mission to foster self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love through fashion.

I Know Your Pain

Because of my upbringing, I was not allowed to fully own who I was through my fashion choices. There were rules I was expected to follow and limitations around full expression. Such rules also exist within the fashion industry, and they pit us against ourselves and our own beauty. We are reminded we are a “problem” every time we look in the mirror because we don’t meet those misleading expectations.

When I aligned with my true self, my inherent gift was able to come forward and shine. My self esteem increased, which affected all relationships in my life. I no longer gave my power away to the dictates of others.  I now know who I am and OWN IT!

I broke free and so can you!

Nonconventional is My Secret!

I am Sarah, an Image Alignment ConsultantSM which means I align your outer appearance with the inner you. I am also a walking paradox. I am probably the only fashionista who has just ONE article of clothing in her closet that cost over $100, the average being $25. Other than three vintage Ralph Lauren items from the 90’s, I don’t own one designer item. I don’t have a single subscription to a fashion magazine. 

I’ll eat the scariest looking concoction of beet juice, celery, parsley and wheatgrass and then head out for a Cold Stone “Gotta Have It” one hour later. It drives my kids crazy! This spills over into the way I style myself and others. No rules, no limitations: just authentic expression in free flow.

Through this journey, I am your guide. Knowing how to layer all of your essences into one ensemble is a sophisticated skill that is an inherent gift and passion of mine. Whether you are a beginner or are already pretty well versed in fashion, I’d love to offer a unique and meaningful perspective around style.

Reach out now to begin. You deserve that twinkle in your eye!

Activate your Essence EdgeSM

Your Essence Edge is a reflection of what you bring to the table that no one else can. You are your secret weapon because you are a one-of-a-kind; there's no one else like you, so let's give a visual reference to that fact!  Your Essence Edge is the secret sauce to BOOST your confidence and sense of self in every area of your life, bringing the best and only you forward to achieve profound results. 

Speak Your Essence
Soul BoostSM

 If you have gone through a radical change in your relationship or religious status or are searching for your life purpose, I help you on your path of healing, self-discovery and identity. 


Speak Your Essence
Image BoostSM

If you have just achieved major weight loss or had a long-awaited mommy makeover, I support and enhance your changes with a finishing touch.

Speak Your Essence
Romance BoostSM

If you are single and want to bring romantic love into your life, I help you attract the very best by putting out the very best version of you.

Speak Your Essence
Career BoostSM

If you want to advance your career and take it to the next level, I help you make the most of every first impression so you can earn trust quickly to close deals.

Shelley Loves Her Changes

“Sarah is so good at helping you see what styles work and don’t work for your particular body and style. It’s much easier and faster to shop now because I can quickly weed out what won’t work.”

How Does it Work?

When we work together I help you identify who you are and then discern between the okay and exceptional options from your profile style index so that your style choices always make you shine!

We do this over 3 steps:

  1. Unveil Your Essence makes it simple to identify your multiple layers and the correlating styling options.
  2. Explore Your Essence refines and filters out the okay style choices to leave you with only your exceptional possibilities.
  3. Speak Your Essence teaches you how to use the exceptional options to craft an ensemble that always showcases the real and complete you every time you get dressed.

Is My Story Your Story?

I believe you made your way to this site because of frustration with living in the box of fashion. You’re tired of the cookie cutter approach. You may have tried to buy into the idea that fashion doesn’t matter, that what you wear doesn’t make a difference.

There is much scientific evidence to confirm that what you put IN your body has a profound difference to your well-being. The same holds true for what you put ON. You’re here because it does matter.

Let me show you how!

Take the quick and free
Glimpse Your Essence quizSM!

A fun exercise to catch a glimpse of who you are!

$59 value!

 What is your essence composition?  Are you Noble? Do you embody the Pure Essence?  Possibly Captivating?  Maybe all three!

Find out now by taking this first step to the Unveil Your Essence Profile!