Angelic. Wise. Eternal.

Based off of your answers to the quiz, the Sublime EssenceTM is likely a part of your Unveil Your Essence ProfileSM.

When you meet someone who embodies the Sublime Essence, you feel as if you are meeting an old soul that has existed for a millennia. Although they have a physical presence on this earth, it’s almost like they belong in another era; other‑worldly; of another dimension. Their expression is mystical and can we say… spiritual? Hence wing sleeves as well as feathers to mimic angels for an accurate representation. Fabrics are chosen that are light and airy.

The metaphysical dimension does not like being limited to confining spaces but is more at home in woods, forests and the outer world. Patterns that are woodsy as well as irregular demonstrate this.

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Align your outer appearance with the inner you to bring meaning and fulfillment to what you wear!